Innovative Business Expansion

Whether your company specializes in consumer or professional wound care products, EuroMed has the medical adhesive solutions to fit your needs and help you grow your business.  EuroMed is committed to flexibility and quality to ensure that our customers thrive.   

EuroMed’s dedicated Research & Development Team works for you.  With its diverse lineup of highly experienced scientists, engineers, and technicians, the team is suited to handle various projects aimed at satisfying customer design inputs.  Formulation development is R&D’s primary focus: R&D has the ability to control adhesion, absorption, flexibility, and aesthetics of medical bandages and dressings.  Our R&D team has experience working with many raw materials, some of which are off-the-shelf while others are tailored toward specific requirements.  R&D’s lab is outfitted with an array of high-tech equipment, enabling R&D to design new formulations as well as perform testing on established products. 

EuroMed is always interested in partnering with you for product co-development.  If your company is looking for a reliable, well-established manufacturer to help you develop your product idea, please .