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EuroMed, Inc. is very proud to make the following media announcement:

An exclusive interview with Carsten Fredsbo, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer and a scope-of-practice feature article with Ravi, Ramjit, PhD, VP, Research & Development, have been published by Ostomy Wound Management, OWM, April 2014.
In Industry Spotlight, published on, Mr. Fredsbo, notes what he likes most about his work, “…I truly enjoy listening to the professionals discuss everyday treatment challenges and being an integral part of the team coming up with suggestions and relevant solutions.” He goes on to further comment about characteristics that distinguish EuroMed from its competitors: “Customer responsiveness, innovation, and unique equipment design and fabrication capabilities…” are what set EuroMed apart.

Mr. Fredsbo elaborates on the numerous abilities of EuroMed, as a mid-sized medical device company. EuroMed offers an extensive, flexible, and unique range of product shapes and designs, and is an expert in hydrocolloids and the benefits of moist-wound healing. Integral to the EuroMed business model is its ability to develop and execute customer solutions.

In My Scope of Practice (OWM, April 2014), Dr. Ramjit addresses his passion in the area of product development, adhesives, and ostomy. He draws from his background in chemical engineering and his critical role in the development of patented adhesive technologies at EuroMed. In particular, Dr. Ramjit speaks to his passion in the development of an ostomy adhesive when he was impacted by a personal note from an ostomate who praised the new EuroMed ostomy seal barrier that offered relief from her extremely irritated peristomal skin. Author of the article, Kelsey Moroz, notes, “Dr. Ramjit continues to investigate what is working and what will work and designs products around specific outcomes. For him, the rigorous development cycle is invaluable when it results in a product that improves lives.” Moroz further explains, “As he continues to meet new product development challenges, his passion for innovation grows.”

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EUROMED, INC. Founded in Denmark, relocated to the U.S. in 1997, EuroMed, Inc. is a B2B developer and manufacturer of advanced and proprietary skin-adhesive technologies. We employ a group of highly-skilled scientists and experienced operations staff at our 100-person facility in Orangeburg, NY.

The EuroMed product line is based on the principle of moist-wound healing, which over the past few decades has been clinically proven to facilitate excellent results in terms of reduced healing time and reduced possibility of scarring.