EuroMed Inc. announced today that they have released a range of skin friendly Ostomy Elastic Barrier Strips designed to increase the security and wear time of ostomy appliances

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Wear time and security are paramount for all ostomates. EuroMed’s skin-friendly hydrocolloid adhesive, with its tapered edges and low friction polyurethane film backing provides both.
“Our new half circle and third circle shaped Ostomy Elastic Barrier Strips reduce the risk of roll-up of a user’s ostomy wafer. It leaves the ostomy wafer in place thus providing the user with peace of mind during everyday activities. Additionally, the tapered edges and the very low friction film, which is proprietary to EuroMed, combined with the elasticity of the skin-friendly adhesive, gives the user the right fit to his/her body shape as it follows the contours of the body" said Ravi Ramjit, PhD, Vice President of R&D. Dr. Ramjit also states that there are many other uses for such Strips such as providing protection in between skin folds and chaffing under the breast.

With the increase in surgical procedures to address various gastrointestinal illnesses, ostomy accessories are an increasingly important facet of stoma care, and EuroMed’s Ostomy Elastic Barrier Strips stand ready to meet and exceed the requirements of providing comfort and security to its users.

EuroMed’s product portfolio also includes a range of advanced hydrocolloid dressings for the treatment of leg ulcers and pressure sores, a full range of advanced hydrocolloid consumer bandages for the treatment of topical skin conditions on the body and face, including blisters, small cuts, cold sores, and acne blemishes. All products are manufactured at EuroMed’s Orangeburg, NY facility in an FDA regulated Class 8 cleanroom. EuroMed offers private-label manufacturing and custom product development opportunities. For more information, please call 1 (845) 359-4039 or visit