EuroMed Inc. announced today that they have released a range of skin-friendly Ostomy Seals designed to increase the security and wear time of ostomy appliances

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EuroMed’s new proprietary adhesive seal has a high liquid absorbency rate, is moldable and conformable for ease of application, thereby reducing the risk of peristomal skin complications. EuroMed’s skin-friendly hydrocolloid seal formulation goes beyond protection: with its proprietary blend of well-characterized, biocompatible components including widely-used dermatological ingredients, EuroMed’s seal was formulated to condition skin as well as prevent stomal fluid from damaging sensitive peristomal skin.
“With this new adhesive, ostomates now have a solution for adding extra security to their ostomy appliances while reducing skin irritation, features that set EuroMed’s seal apart from current ostomy seals on the market. Our researchers extended their knowledge base by tapping into the well characterized field of dermatology to selectively identify raw materials that would provide relief and skin benefits for ostomy seal users. Incorporating them into a hydrocolloid adhesive provided a challenge which was overcome by our R&D department" said Ravi Ramjit, PhD, Vice President of R&D.

With the increase in surgical procedures to address various gastrointestinal illnesses, ostomy accessories are more crucial than ever to stoma care, and EuroMed Ostomy Seals stand ready to meet and exceed the requirements of providing comfort and security to ostomates worldwide.

EuroMed’s product portfolio also includes a range of advanced hydrocolloid dressings for the treatment of leg ulcers and pressure sores, a full range of advanced hydrocolloid consumer bandages for the treatment of topical skin conditions on the body and face, including blisters, small cuts, cold sores, and acne blemishes. All products are manufactured at EuroMed’s Orangeburg, NY facility in an FDA regulated Class 8 cleanroom. EuroMed offers private-label manufacturing and custom product development opportunities. For more information, please call 1 (845) 359-4039 or visit

Founded in Denmark, relocated to the U.S. in 1997, EuroMed Inc. is a B2B developer and manufacturer of advanced and proprietary skin adhesive technologies. We employ a group of highly skilled scientists and experienced operations staff at our 100-person facility in Orangeburg, NY.

EuroMed’s products are based on the principle of moist wound healing, which over the past few decades has been clinically proven to facilitate excellent results in terms of reduced healing time and limited possibility of scarring.