DSC_6423-Hydrocolloid-Assortment.JPG What are Hydrocolloids?

A hydrocolloid is a type of medical adhesive that contains gel-forming agents. In our products, we combine elastomers and adhesives and apply them to a polyurethane foam or film carrier to form an absorbent, self-adhesive, waterproof bandage or dressing for wound care. Although hydrocolloid dressings are advanced medical devices used in hospitals to treat patients with chronic wounds, hydrocolloid bandages are available to consumers for their everyday foot care needs (e.g. blisters and corns), mild burns, minor cuts, and abrasions, providing a superior wound care experience.

EuroMed’s proprietary hydrocolloid bandages and dressings are skin-friendly dual-layered medical devices made of a skin-like, smooth top layer and absorbent adhesive bottom layer. Our bordered products feature a patented tapered edge that prevents roll-up and bunching while sealing out contaminants.

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How Do Hydrocolloids Work?

Our consumer bandages and professional dressings work with the body to promote an optimal moist wound healing environment. The adhesive is applied directly to the non-infected wound. As the adhesive layer interacts with wound fluid, it forms a soft gel. Upon removal, most of the gel matrix is removed with the hydrocolloid bandages or dressings, resulting in little or no damage to the newly-formed tissue. Hydrocolloid bandages and dressings can remain in place for days, even while showering.

How Hydrocolloids Work on Blisters

Videos: All About Hydrocolloid Technology

hydrocolloid dressings: consumer
We offer a vast selection of sterile and non-sterile hydrocolloid bandages for consumer use from head to toe.  

Our products are designed to treat and protect 
blisters, corns, mild burns, minor cuts, abrasions, acne, cold sores, and more.  They help reduce healing time, pain, and irritation, for improved quality of life.  
hydrocolloid dressings: professional
Our sterile wound care dressings are expertly designed to heal chronic, slow-healing wounds such as pressure sores, diabetic and leg ulcers, as well as large surface area wounds.  They are contoured to fit ergonomically challenging areas on the body. 

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Our skin-friendly ostomy care accessories provide high quality, reliable hydrocolloid solutions to everyday needs such as securement and maintaining healthy skin.  
We offer a proprietary ostomy line of barrier seals, flexible fixation strips, and wafers.