Consumer Wellness

Our proprietary, hydrocolloid bandages are specifically designed to protect, prevent and heal affected areas of the skin.  They protect sensitive areas, prevent contamination and heal through a moist-healing environment.  We develop, manufacture and provide premium bandages that are ideal for foot care, first aid and personal care applications. 

We partner with innovative companies to bring our specialty bandages to markets worldwide. Through these company collaborations, more consumers can experience the benefits of our superior bandages than ever before. 

Read on to explore the foot care, first aid and personal care opportunities.  


Foot Care

Our footcare line offers hydrocolloid solutions to help treat blisters and corns by cushioning and protecting affected areas on feet.


First Aid

Our first aid line of hydrocolloid bandages help protect and heal minor cuts and abrasions, while keep bacteria and external contaminants out.



Personal Care

Our personal care line offers hydrocolloid solutions to facial, lip and other sensitive areas of the body.


Our premium bandages. Your brand.  
A wonderful partnership.