Ostomy Supplies

EuroMed’s Ostomy Supplies are state-of-the-art hydrocolloid technology, and help ensure maximum skin protection while maintaining reliable, skin-friendly adhesion.  Our hydrocolloid ostomy accessories work to protect the peristomal skin from contaminants without macerating the skin.  

Ostomy Barrier Seals 

Our proprietary Ostomy Barrier Seals are made of moldable, skin-friendly hydrocolloid adhesive, formulated to adhere to the skin, even while showering and exercising. They are easier to remove with less irritation to the sensitive peristomal skin.  

Ostomy Wafers

Our Ostomy Wafers are designed to fit snugly around the stoma.  The skin-friendly hydrocolloid adhesive wafer helps to act as a barrier between waste fluid and enzymes from the stoma and the sensitive peristomal skin.

 Ostomy Fixation Strips

Our Ostomy Fixation Strips (Flange Extenders) provide securement of the baseplate to the skin, including folds and uneven skin.  They flex with the body and absorb fluid, such as sweat, for daily comfort.