Advanced Wound Care

EuroMed’s advanced wound care dressings are indicated for hard to heal, low to moderate exudating wounds such as: large surface area wounds, post-operative incision sites, diabetic and leg ulcers, pressure sores, second degree burns, and radiation burns. Our advanced, sterile hydrocolloid dressings facilitate local wound healing in an optimal moist environment. Hydrocolloid dressings have been proven to speed up healing time while sealing out contaminants and reducing friction. Our wound management dressings are waterproof, helping to protect the wound against contamination, and remain in place during showering.


Regular absorbency dressing with tapered edges for added conformity and prevention of roll-up.


Top layer of foam, provides added comfort. Tapered edges prevent roll-up and bunching.


Semi-transparent to allow close and easy monitoring of the healing process.

Our advance wound care dressings are available for private-label distribution. Our many shapes and sizes are highly conformable and are designed to fit most anatomical sites on the body such as: heel/elbow, post-operative incision site, sacral, and large surface area.

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